A downloadable Chroma-Alda for Windows

Chroma-Alda is a short, top-down shooter, where you play as a scout that is sent on an awfully dangerous mission.

Alda has tasked you with tackling the enemy from behind through a weak point. The catch is that in order to get to that weak point, you must traverse through some of the most dangerous parts of the galaxy.

Fight against a range of enemy ships. Find your way through the asteroid belt. And complete your task.

Chroma-Alda is designed with speedrunning in mind too. So play again to try for a quicker time and challenge yourself to do better.

- Top-down shooter

- Various enemies

- Maps offer different play styles

- Speedrunning encouraged. 

Install instructions

Download the zip. Double click to open it. Double click on the executable file and select "Extract all." If a firewall breach pops up, select "Run anyway." Then run the executable. 


Chroma-Alda.zip 22 MB

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